Assemblywoman Tenney announces candidacy for Congressional seat

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - The playing field for the GOP primary for the 22nd Congressional seat is taking shape.

State Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney has officially announced she will vie for the seat currently held by U.S. Rep. Richard Hanna. For weeks there has been speculation Tenney would throw in her hat, but it was confirmed Wednesday.

In addition to Hanna, Tenney will face Michael Kisinski and Michael Vasquez in the Republican primary. While the three have announced they're running, the candidates are still in the stage of collecting petitions. They can't actually file with the Board of Elections until next month.

Tenney said in the statement annoncing her candidacy: "We need a real Republican in this race. Someone who will actually stand up for our Republican principles of less government spending, lower taxes and greater opportunity for all. In the state assembly, I have a proven record as a strong fiscal conservative."

Hanna countered with the following statement: "I welcome the opportunity to discuss my work on behalf of our community.  My focus is on keeping DFAS safe, strengthening Rome Lab and Griffiss, and advocating for Remington Arms in Ilion. Having spent 30 years building my own business in Upstate, I understand the disastrous impact of Obamacare on families and small businesses and that is why I have always voted to repeal it. I have voted for a Balanced Budget Amendment, billions of dollars in real spending cuts, lower taxes for New York business and families, and I will continue pushing back on burdensome government regulations.  I am grateful for the support of Republicans in our district, and I intend to work diligently to maintain their confidence."

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