Astorino visits Utica, and doesn't shy from Remington announcement

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Republican gubernatorial candidate Robert Astorino spent time in Utica on Friday -- and was quick to bring up the news about Remington Arms.

Astorino and his running mate Chris Moss spoke with reporters at Swifty's. Astorino says people are fleeing the state in record numbers.

According to the Republican challenger, 400,000 people left New York in the past four years. He points to high taxes, an unfriendly business climate and the SAFE Act.

"I would have never uttered the words Andrew Cuomo did, that if you don't agree with him on certain issues...then you are 'an extremist,' and you have no place in New York," Astorino said. "That's why Remington is deciding to leave, quite frankly. That's why they're expanding in Alabama. That's why people are losing their jobs."

Astorino went on to promote his county, Westchester County, for having the lowest unemployment rate.

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