Athletic events at Gelston Castle to raise money for Red Cross and Mohawk FD


MOHAWK, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Thunderbirds Sporting Club is sacrificing in order to help out the American Red Cross and the flood-ravaged Mohawk Fire Department.

The Elite Roller Hockey Team has won 11 national titles and they are in a major fundraising cycle to fund their participation in championship games around the world, but they're giving up many of those spots.

They continue to fund raise, but most of the proceeds now will go to the Mohawk Fire Department and the American Red Cross and are doing so with a series of races and athletic contests that they hope will raise $5,000 for both agencies.

"Driving up here to the castle, the times I come up ,you can see the damage," said Bill Schmelcher of Gelston Castle, in Mohawk, where the events will take place. "You can see the things that were laid out on the streets that people had discarded because they were no good anymore. You can see the mud that was all over on the side streets. You could see the homes that had damage."

Information on all the events and dates will be available on Gelston Castle's Facebook Page as well as on their website.

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