Attorney: Case against Village of Frankfort, former Police Chief to move forward

By WKTV News

FRANKFORT, N.Y. (WKTV) - A case against the Village of Frankfort and its former police chief is set to move forward following a recent decision by the federal court.

According to attorney Mark Wolber, the decision means a likely trial for a May 2009 incident where it is alleged former Frankfort Village Police Chief Steven Conley assaulted a man and falsely arrested him in a Stewart's shop there.

Wolber says Conley harassed resident Harold Griffin shortly after a criminal trial date had been set in a case alleging conley and the village mayor, among others, assaulted Griffin in a 2008 election night fight.

"Our claim against the village and against Steven Conley is for violation of civil rights, false arrest, malicious prosecution and assault and battery," Wolber said. "The reason the village was held in, is that the judge ruled that because Steven Conley was the chief of police, his actions constituted the actions of a village because he was a policy maker for the village, with respect to the police department, and because of his status, as the chief of police, the village will be responsible for his actions."

Wolber says a trial date still has to be set. He added that the federal cases for both the election night incident and the Stewart's incident could be tried together or separately.

The Village has previously been dismissed from the election night lawsuit, but the individuals involved remained defendants named in the case.

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