Attorney of Koestner's boyfriend explains what his client says happened the night of her death


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Officials say Catherine Koestner's boyfriend Joe Moore is not cooperating with authorities regarding her death, but his attorney Frank Policelli spoke to NEWSChannel2 Tuesday night saying his client has a right not to. He says Moore did cooperate. He was questioned for fourteen hours following the death of Koestner and gave a two page written statement on what happened the night of August 24th. His attorney now says what more do they want?

"My client lost the woman that he loved okay and feels horrible about that and the reasons why she shot herself really we don't know," said Policelli. "Whether she accidently was playing with the gun, whether she intentionally shot herself, as far as my client is concerned really it doesn't matter."

Policelli feels the case should be closed now that evidence has ruled that 30 year old Catherine Koestner died from a self inflicted gun shot wound and that Joe Moore, Koestner's boyfriend of about 7 months should be able to mourn, instead of being accused of playing a role in her death.

"She's gone and he's devastated over that," said Policelli.

Policelli says that Moore was in the room of the Forge Motel where it all happened, but claims he did not see Koestner shoot herself with one of his guns, guns that were not foreign to her.

"She spent a considerable amount of time at Joe's house she was around the guns a lot," said Policelli. "He had no concern about her doing anything with his guns, she gave no indication that she was suicidal."

While some of Koestner's belongings were scattered outside of the motel and an employee heard shouting, the boyfriend's attorney says there was no argument

"It was just her ranting and raving, an argument assumes that two people are disagreeing over something there was no disagreement," said Policelli. "She just bugged out because of whatever thoughts she might have had and the alcohol and she wasn't acting rationally and it's unfortunate but that's what happened."

According to Moore's attorney, the couple was in love and had even talked about marriage. Policelli says that Moore wants to express his deepest concerns with her family and mourn her death with them.

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