Author: Holocaust needs to be remembered and always remembered


MARCY, N.Y. (WKTV) - Holocaust educator and activist Daniel Hennessy spoke to students and adults at SUNYIT Monday night in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day. His message, to remember the Holocaust, and to also take action to make sure it's never forgotten.

"Because we're at the end of one era, the Holocaust survivors the living witnesses are fading away and it's been up to the Jewish community basically primarily to do all of this remembering so its time for others to step up," said Hennessy.

Daniel Hennessy of the Finger Lakes region is the author of Remembrance & Repentance: The Call to Remember and Memorialize the Holocaust. He says the Holocaust is now under attack with survivors fading from view and the Holocaust denial movement gaining ground.

"So the eye witness testimony is leaving us, at the same time the Holocaust denial movement which is propaganda, they don't expect everyone to believe the Holocaust didn't happen but it just delegitimizes the Holocaust to the point that it's memory is less and less," said Hennessy.

He says one solution is to continue to teach about the Holocaust and to teach it as a historical event never to be repeated.

"To see in their faces of the photographs of all those lives that were lost, themselves in such a way, in a positive way," said Hennessy. "That they would not let anyone do to them what happened to those kids and that they would not do to another person what was done to them."

Closing the presentation, six candles were lit to remember the six million lives lost.

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