BAH HUMBUG- An annual tradition returns to Utica


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The 31st annual Scrooge performance is back, continuing a holiday tradition held at the Stanley Theatre. Wednesday night, the cast acted in their final dress rehearsal.

The show will be performed on two nights and includes 230 members of all ages. Richard Enders plays Ebenezer Scrooge and Peter Loftus directs the play.

The cast has been rehearsing since early November.

Vincent Scalise, the President of Players of Utica said Scrooge brings the community together, "I think seeing kids faces on stage," Scalise said in regards to what he is most excited for this weekend, "They love this and have so much fun and for most, this is their introduction to theater.  And if we can have them to get the bug now, they will keep up and will become involved with us when grow up too."

The production will be held at the Stanley Theatre on Friday the 13th at 7pm and Saturday the 14th at 2pm.

The play costs $10.00 and you can purchase tickets at the door.

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