Baby kittens rescued from house marked for demolition


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - As one of the houses on Warren Street in the City of Utica was being cleaned out by the Department of Transportation before being torn down for the arterial project, a surprise awaited one of the state workers.

Three little kittens were sitting inside a box on the first floor, along with the mother cat, which jumped at one of the workers. The mother cat took off out the front door and now the three kittens are at the Stevens Swan Humane Society.

"It's very common, especially with the boarded-up houses, because basement windows are generally broken," said Utica Animal Control Officer Collver "Cats are looking for shelter, they go inside, have their babies, go in and out to hunt for food."

Colllver says the kittens will be raised at the Stevens Swan Humane Society or fostered out to a home, until they are about four months old, when they will then be made available for adoption.

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