Back to School Party held at Johnson Park


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The annual "Back to School and say no to drugs party" brought activities, fun and some education to Johnson Park in Utica.

Children and adults came out to enjoy food, contests, games and activities
to celebrate the upcoming school year and all that they have accomplished this summer.

The main focus was to teach kids the benefits of staying in school, getting good grades and saying no to drugs.

Twenty kids received a special honor and Reverend Dr. Maria Scates, CEO of Johnson Park Center said these kids are one of a kind, "We're going to recognize our youth leadership group the JCP join positive youth voice initiative and the purpose of the initiative is to learn how to speak up, be a leader and a positive role model."

Every child who came out today received school supplies including pens, paper, rulers that were donated by local organizations.

Students see the school supplies as an important asset to their success.

"Cause like when I see people on the streets struggling, have the same clothes on they want are homeless that's why i want to do this."

The party got students and adults excited for the upcoming school year.

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