Bail reduced for Thomas Zavalidroga

By Gary Libreatore

(WKTV) - An Oneida City Court Judge reduced the bail for Thomas Zavalidroga, the Blossvale man accused of putting his elderly mother in the woods and then reporting her missing.

Margaret Zavalidroga, 83, was found in a wooded area off of Upper Lenox Avenue in Oneida in July. Her son, Thomas Zavalidroga, is charged with falsely reporting an incident and reckless endangerment and has been in jail since his arrest.

Friday morning the judge reduced his bail from $5,000 to $1,500.

In his last court appearance Zavalidroga told the judge the deputies at the Madison County Sheriff's Department were not letting him make calls to try to get an attorney or contact family and friends.

On Friday, the public defender assisting Zavalidroga in this case until he gets his own attorney, told the judge that he himself reached out to Zavalidroga's family and friends, but so far no one has helped him with bail or a retainer fee for an attorney, but he did say he expects Zavalidroga to have his own attorney in the next couple of weeks.

The prosecutor in the case, Joseph Mallace, was opposed to a reduction in bail.

"The concern has always been that he would try to contact his mother against the order of protection that's in place," Mallace said.  "He indicated that at the time that he was initially brought in he refused to sign the paperwork with respect to the order of protection."

Thomas Zavalidroga is due back in Oneida City Court on Aug. 22.

So far, he has not posted bail.

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