Ban Bossy: Empowering young female leaders locally


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Ban Bossy: A national campaign brought to the Mohawk Valley. The campaign was started by Facebook's COO, Cheryl Sandberg, with the hope of banning the word bossy and promoting young female leadership. Angie Blair of Utica hopes to promote the same message in the Greater Utica region.

Sandberg and Blaire have similar beliefs. Both believe the word bossy's negative connotation starts for girls at a young age.

In a video on the national campaigns site, BanBossy, national stars such as Beyonce and Jennifer Gardner promote the organizations message. The celebrities are part of a video on the site saying," By middle school, girls are less interested in leadership than boys. They are scared to be called bossy."

Blair said she was called bossy as a child, "For me it was hard because I thought I was organizing my friends and being a leader in my group but I'd hear, you need to stop doing that, you're being bossy, you're being bossy!"

Blair is taking the public service campaign and hoping to empower local women to achieve their ambitions. She wants to eliminate the negative connotation that comes with, the "B" word for girls.

"I liked the idea of empowering young women and girls to use those traits that get categorized as bossy into something more positive," Blair said.

Blaire said anyone can join their local Ban Bossy organization. The hope is to gather like-minded women to share experiences and promote success and leadership amongst each other.

Blaire can be contaced by email:

The organization will meet on a monthly basis.


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