Barking dog awakes owners, warns of fire

HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - A barking dog may have saved many lives Sunday morning after a fire broke out in Herkimer.

Melissa Moorehead and her fiance Keith Johnson woke up to their dog Cowboy barking. When they looked out the window towards Folts Street, they saw flames shooting 15 feet high in the neighbors' yard.

A camping trailer was engulfed in flames.

Johnson called 911 and was able to run to the home, knock on the door and wake up the family inside. The two adults and three children made it out safely.

The Herkimer Fire Department responded to the fire.

Officials say the owners of the trailer had never used the refrigerator inside before and just plugged it in the other day.

No official cause of the fire was released but they are looking closely at the refrigerator.

Two neighboring homes sustained minor damage.

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