Baseball season in Cooperstown never ends, even if catcher sees his shadow


COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. (WKTV) - Most people know February 2nd as "Ground Hogs Day". And every year, poor Phil gets dragged out of his home. But on this day, something much bigger occurred.
The first election for inductees for the National Baseball Hall of Fame took place on February 2, 1936.
Tom Shieber is the Senior Curator at the Hall and says, "The name "Babe Ruth" has gone beyond baseball. It's part of American culture and yes, you can say Babe Ruth practically anywhere and people will associate it with baseball and America."
There are three hundred celebrated individuals enshrined within this hall. But the mission goes beyond this room. Tom continues ,"We're also a museum. We're an educational institution. We're a research facility with a library that has 3 million documents. We do a lot of different things related to baseball."
And the hall is right here in central New York. Already been? It doesn't matter because..
"The museum is a living breathing entity, we're not stagnate and so we're always trying to put together new exhibits. We're trying to keep old exhibits by adding new artifacts or adding artifacts which is not only good for visitors coming to see new things but its also good for the artifacts and not necessarily be on exhibit all the time.
So for fans and players around the world... the baseball season here in Cooperstown never really ends....Even if the catcher does see his shadow.

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