Basement fire ignites in Western home, occupant awoken by smoke alarm


WESTERN, N.Y. (WKTV) - A basement fire caused damage to a home in the Town of Western, Saturday.

According to Western Fire officials, a woman was sleeping in her residence on Sly Hill Rd., when she awoke to the sound of a smoke alarm and rushed to call 911.

Fire Fighters from Western and Lee responded to the call, and found that a fire had broken out in the basement of the house, causing a lot of smoke and water damage, but leaving the house repairable.

After approximately 40 minutes, the Fire Fighters were able to put the blaze out and limit damage to the property in what they called a difficult situation.

"It was a basement fire, so it's hard to get in there, to see anything," said Western Fire Chief, Mike Anania. "The smoke was intense and heat broke glass, melted candles on the first floor, but basically the fire was contained to the basement."

Anania also stated that his crew made a good save, Saturday, as nobody was injured in the fire.

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