Bassett Healthcare moving cancer patients in Oneonta under one roof

ONEONTA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Bassett Healthcare is moving all of its cancer patients from Oneonta under one roof.

It means that Otsego County residents won't have to travel to two places to get the radiation and chemotherapy they need.

A little over a year ago, Bassett in Cooperstown and A.O. Fox Hospital in Oneonta partnered up to better help patients.

On Tuesday, Bassett announced it is moving its cancer services in Oneonta from Associate Drive to the Foxcare Center on State Route 7.

Renovations to existing space at Foxcare have been underway since August, and patients will be seen at the new location beginning Monday.

"When a patient arrives, they'll be able to register in the cancer center and go immediately to the adjacent laboratory and have labs drawn prior to treatment," said Frank Panzarella, V.P. of the Bassett Physician Group. "So, a faster turnaround time and shorter time waiting to get treatment once they arrive."

There will now be a social worker on-site five days a week helping patients deal with the overwhelming decisions that need to be made when faced with a cancer diagnosis.

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