Bassett Medical Center enlists visitor restrictions because of flu

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Bassett Medical Center is putting up visitor restrictions because of the flu.

The hospital is restricting visitation at the birthing center and on the pediatrics unit. Children aged 14 and under will not be allowed to visit maternity or pediatric patients. Only parents, grandparents, birthing coaches and older siblings may visit.

State health law requires hospital employees who have not been vaccinated to wear a surgical mask around patients.

Outpatients with flulike symptoms may also be asked to wear masks.

In Herkimer County, there are 10 flu cases so far this season, with five new ones confirmed this morning.

In Oneida County, 39 flu cases have been confirmed this season. In Otsego County, there are three confirmed cases.

The symptoms of the flu include chills and fever and coldlike symptoms.

If you think you may have the flu, health officials say in the first 48 hours get to the doctor's office and get an antiviral treatment. After that, it's best to stay home so it's not passed to others. Take something for the fever and wash hands frequently.

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