UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Now that the weather is warming up, that means the unofficial start to summer, Memorial Day, is just around the corner. BBQ, Beaches & Bathing Suits. Is your body ready for the beach?

In order to get your body ready for the beach, you need to incorporate three things: cardio workouts, nutrition and diet, and weight training. The combination of the three will not only help you lose weight, but also lose body fat. All month long, we will be focusing on these components, starting with cardio in a group fitness class called BodyStep. BodyStep is not your mother's jazzercise class but a class that uses a height adjusted step and simple moves to get a high intensity work out and is for everyone.

Hilary Nawoj, a member at the Powerhouse Gym, uses group fitness, specifically BodyStep, to get her body ready for the summer.

"The beauty of a group fitness class is there are various fitness levels. There are high intensity options, there is always a low option. The bottom line is walking in the door, staying for the whole class, and coming every day," says Nawoj.

Hilary notes that "Group fitness is like having a personal trainer as part of your fitness package, those instructors motivate you every single day to be your very best. There is no stop button in group fitness class and there is no short cut home."

No matter where you decide to work out, the gym staff is there to give you a helping hand. Katie Friot, an instructor at the Powerhouse Gym, looks forward to helping members. She tells NEWSChannel 2, "You see some of the individuals that are pushing for a specific goal and I have watched so many people evolve into this amazingly strong, not only men and women but human beings. And that is an unbelievable experience as a teacher and a trainer."

Now it is up to you to ramp up your cardio workout or start one all together. Either way, it will pay off in the end.

For more information on BodyStep and other Les Mills group fitness classes, you can click here.