Beach Body By Memorial Day: Weight Training


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV)- When people decide that it is time to get healthy and lose weight, they lace up their sneakers and head straight for the treadmill or ellipitcal, but there is more to it.

Jennifer Veneizo, owner and fitness expert at Body By Design in New Hartford, says that it is important to incorporate weight training into your fitness routine. "Well I absolutely we always think of weight loss, we think of cardio. Which is absolutely integral in that weight loss success, however you have to weight train."

Contrary to popular belief, weight training does not mean building a large muscle mass. Veneizo says, "Well I think a lot of people are apprehensive to weight training, especially women because they are fearing that they are going to bulk up just walking out of the weight room. So here what we are going to do is lift very light weight .... And burn fat as well as lengthening and toning preexisting muscles instead of bulking up."

The benefits of weight lifting are not just about losing weight, but helping your overall appearance and performance. Aileen Viel, an avid class participant, says that "Greater muscle endurance, so I've noticed more definition in my arms, which is super exciting. By using low weights with high repetition, I feel like I can run a lot faster and can carry things with much greater ease."

If you are still apprehensive about attending a weight training class like chisel, don't worry, there is a starting point for everyone. Viel told NewsChannel 2 that the best part about a weight training class is that you can "Start small and know that there are certain modifications with every class that you take, so there are levels, starting with the easiest. Do what your body can handle and then eventually you will gradually move up naturally, using heavier weights or more reps."

Veneizo agrees with her, adding that, "You start with both weights in hand, if that gets a little too much for you, you really start to feel that muscle fatigue, go unilaterally. One weight at a time, instead of two at the same time. Use your own body resistance. That is absolutely the best tool that you have, your own body weight."

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