Bed bugs at Bleecker Street Firehouse leads to mattress replacement

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - The Utica Fire Department needed outside help fighting something inside their own firehouse this week when bed bugs were discovered.

An itch led to a bite, which led to a thorough search of the mattresses at the Bleecker Street Firehouse. They found a few bed bugs, but nothing that would rise to the level of an infestation.

The fire chief says it's not that unusual, considering all the duties firefighters undertake on a weekly basis.

"It's almost to be expected when guys are going into thousands and thousands of homes throughout the city, conducting inspections, doing emergency medical services for people in an area where it might even be considered prevalent," said Utica Fire Chief Russell Brooks.

Brooks said they replaced all the mattresses at Bleecker Street, called an exterminator and checked out all the other firehouses.


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