Beefed up patrols along Sylvan Beach aimed at making the 4th of July weekend a safe one


SYLVAN BEACH, N.Y. (WKTV) - Sylvan Beach Mayor Greg Horan made a call to both Oneida County Sheriff Robert Maciol and New York State Police Captain Fran Coots right after Memorial Day weekend.
Horan says a number of people who had been drinking on the beach got out of control during Memorial Day weekend and the authorities had to be called in.
After the three met, it was decided patrols would be stepped up during the following weekends in preparation for the big July 4th weekend in order to send the message that anyone doing something illegally will be dealt with accordingly.
Horan says because of that, the number of appearance tickets for both underage drinking and violating the open container law has gone up fourfold.
Coots says the extra presence definitely works, "We're not here to take away anyone's good time, but we want to make sure they they are safe, they're having fun doing it and they have to drive home at the end of day."
Maciol says he and everyone are hoping there will be no tragedies on Oneida Lake this summer season, "In the four years that I've been the Sheriff, each and every year we have some type of tragedy at various points, and we hope that our message that we can get out today will help prevent any more."

Horan wants to remind everyone alcohol is not allowed on the beach, except for the designated picnic area. 

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