Bellamy Elementary pupils present valentines for troops to Brindisi

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - When a group of third graders at Francis Bellamy Elementary School in Rome were faced with the thought that troops would have to spend Valentine's Day without the ones they love, they were shocked.

So they took matters into their hands.

The third graders created valentines to give to troops on active duty in Afghanistan, and on Thursday they presented their cards to Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi so that he can send them overseas.

Shelby Mason, who teaches third grade at Bellamy along with Mrs. Bank and Mrs. Trnchik, said all three teachers were excited to have the opportunity to send Valentine's Day cards to the troops.

"All 20 of the students in my class were shocked to think that our troops will have to spend Valentine's Day without their families and loved ones," said Mason. "There were a few students who said they have family members or know someone currently fighting for our country. "

Brindisi was happy to help out to ensure the messages got into troops' hands.

"This was such a great activity for a class to do," Brindisi said. "So this exercise has two positive results -- it was a great lesson plan for the students, who got to show their gratitude to some of our troops, but it will also be a welcome surprise for a group of soldiers serving overseas when they receive them."

Mason says the lesson allowed pupils to realize how troops sacrifice their lives each day.

"I am pleased that this project, which I'm calling 'Operation: Valentine,' has meant so much to the students who participated," Brindisi said.

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