Bernard Hatch parole hearing transcript released

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Transcripts from "Potato Hill Killer" Bernard Hatch's recent parole hearing have been released.

Hatch, in state prison since 1975 for the murder of Mary Rose Turner, was denied his freedom once again in July.

The transcripts from that hearing offer a glimpse into why the parole board thought it was in society's best interest to keep this convicted killer behind bars.

Hatch shows no remorse during the hearing, and denies any involvement in Turner's death. During the hearing, a parole board member asks Hatch why he killed Turner, or if he is claiming innocence. Hatch says he's "not claiming anything" and that he is innocent. When the board asks how he got mixed up in it and why the authorities thought it was him, Hatch says, "That's how I got involved with it. The authorities thought it was I." Hatch says the board would need to ask authorities why they think that.

To read the entire transcript, click here.



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