Bets placed early for Kentucky Derby


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The betting windows opened Friday for Saturday's Kentucky Derby, the first leg of the Triple Crown. Many people went to betting venues early to try and beat the race day crowds.

"Well it's the Triple Crown, I only bet three races a year and it's time," said Robert Butler before placing his bets. "Tomorrows the big one."

The South Utica OTB says this years looking like their best year yet, people picking their favorite horses early, to beat the lines on Kentucky Derby day.

Why do they bet? Most say it's all about tradition.

"It's just watching the horses, and the agility and how the horses run and how they're trained and the riders, it's just tradition," said Andy Manolescu.

"Every relative makes their bet and we don't know anything about betting we just do it every year for these three races," said Butler.

While everyone has there own methods, when it comes to the Kentucky Derby most people say they bet based on the name.

"Just pick one that strikes an interest to you and go with it," said Butler.

From Golden Soul to Verrazano, 19 horses are now up for bets with every picker hoping they get lucky.

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