Utica starts using laser device to scare away crows


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - If you live in the City of Utica, you may see somewhat of a 'laser light show' Monday night, depending on where you are.

The city purchased a laser light machine called the 'Bird Blazer' to try and move the huge flocks of crows that gather in the city and cause some 'unsightly' problems. The city is expected to begin using the lasers Monday night outside the Commercial Travelers Insurance building on Genesee Street.

The waste of the crows could be seen all over the street, cars, lots, even on the fake owl in the tree which was put up to try and keep the crows out. You could also see an aluminum pan up in the trees that the insurance company put up, thinking that the color of them would scare the crows off. So far, nothing has worked.

So, the City of Utica has purchased the device called the 'Bird Blazer' for about $3,000 using some grant money it had. The crows don't like light and the device is designed to move them, hopefully to more wooded areas away from the city.

The folks at Commercial Travelers are thankful that at least something is being tried.

"We're really appreciative the city is working with us," said Matthew Shedd of Commercial Travelers Insurance. "It's just unsightly, to be quite honest, so we're very pleased with the city that they're cooperating with us."

Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri says now that the city has its own machine, it will be used often and is expected to be an ongoing thing.

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