Blainey case prompts lawmakers to consider harsher sentencing, better tracking of sex offenders


NEW YORK (WKTV) - State lawmakers are working to create tougher laws governing the most serious sex offenders.

The effort comes after serial rapist Robert Blainey stopped reporting to his parole officer in mid-November while living in Utica, and allegedly raped and murdered 68-year-old Utica motel owner Linda Turner.

Democrat Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi, Senator David Valesky, also a democrat, and Republican Senator Joseph Griffo are all working to draft the legislation.

"One bill deals with sentencing guidelines and keeping these Level 3 offenders in prison for the rest of their lives.....and also possibly some kind of tracking device so when they are on parole and they don't report back to the parole board, they're able to be tracked by law enforcement," says Assemblyman Brindisi.

Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara's office prosecutes all the criminals in Oneida County. He says the process of civil confinement, which deals with the confinement of sex offenders upon expiration of their prison sentences, needs overhauling.

"We know from our office that we've requested the documents so they can review them," D.A. McNamara said. "After that, it appears to me that everything is in a vacuum and everything's secret and that everything is done without anybody having any knowledge."

Brindisi hopes to move quickly on the new legislation.

"We'd like to have a bill drafted by mid-December and then we'll introduce it when we go back into session in mid-January," Assemblyman Brindisi said.

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