Boats and hovercrafts used to rescue victims trapped in flooded homes


WHITESBORO, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Whitesboro Fire Department was one of the main stations throughout the area responding to calls throughout Wednesday night and early Thursday morning, coming from residents looking for a way to get out of their now flooded homes.

Fire crews used boats, hovercrafts, help from neighboring communities, and special training to quickly reach the homes of those stuck in their homes overnight.

"In order for us to evacuate these people, this time we used the Swift Water Rescue team from Oriskany and also from Sylvan Beach," said Whitesboro Fire Lieutenant Brian McQueen. "We put Taberg on standby, along with a crew of about thirty people from the Whitesboro Fire Station."

The Whitesboro Fire Department brought evacuees back to their firehouse where the American Red Cross set up a shelter, giving them food, and a dry place to sleep.

"I have no other place to go, unless I go to a hotel or something or a motel," says evacuee Tom McCauley. "I'll just stay here, hope for the best tomorrow."

The Whitesboro Fire Department kept a crew on standby into early Thursday morning to make sure they give a quick response to anyone else was in need of help.

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