Boilermaker debuts bulletin board for runners: A useful tool for Bib Swaps

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - If you missed your chance to register for the Boilermaker Road Race this year, the Boilermaker is trying to make it easier for you to get a bib from someone who may have registered, but now needs to back out.

New this year, the Boilermaker has set up a Bulletin Board for Runners to connect for the Transfer Program.

It's an initiative to help runners meet, but it's also a place to post a spot you need, or check on who has one!

Also new this year, Boilermaker officials announced earlier in April that the payout for the race has increased by a grand total of $12,000 making the total payout with prizes and bonuses $59,550.

It's an initiative that makes the Boilermaker race more competitive with races of the same caliber around the nation, attracting more international runners.

Elite Runner Coordinator Dick Mattia said, " It will get the attention of the international athlete, hopefully with the increase, and get runners who may not have come here because it wasn't worth the investment, but now they will."

But Mattia said Boilermaker officials are not overlooking their responsibility to the sport of running in the U.S.

That's why the prize for any American runners entering the top 20 race finishers has doubled.

Mattia says Boilermaker officials recognize their position in the sport of running and say they increased the prizes for American runners "to take responsibility and develop more runners on an international level."



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