Bosnia vs. Argentina: World Cup game brings out dozens of Bosnian fans


 UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Dozens of adoring Bosnian fans filled Cafe Hummus in Utica Sunday night, as they watched the 2014 World Cup game, Bosnia versus Argentina. 

The restaurant was a sea of yellow and blue, the colors of the Bosnian flag. The pride in the room could be seen and heard as folks chanted numerous cheers, rooting on their favorite team.
Niset Velic grew up in Bosnia. He says he is beyond proud of his team. 
"We made it to the World Cup," Velic said. "I am the happiest ever now that we have a chance to go through this."
Bosnia has two more games to play in the World Cup. They are facing Nigeria on Saturday, June 21 and Iran on Wednesday, June 25.
Armin Nukica, a Utica resident originally from Bosnia says they are also rooting for their "home away from home, team," America.
"Tomorrow our next country is America,"Nukica said. "The United States is going to beat Ghana."  
Bosnia lost to Argentina 2-1.

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