Boston events, a reminder to residents of Herkimer County shootings


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - The recent terror in Boston has been a close reminder for many Herkimer County residents of the shootings in their own backyard. Even though miles away, many residents say the search for the Boston Marathon bombing suspects is a reminder of when shooting suspect Kurt Myers was being searched for last month in Herkimer.

"A little bit yes, seems like it's becoming nationwide these days with the shootings, it's terrible," said Carol Entwistle eating at the Empire Diner Friday night.

The diner served as the congregating point for much of the media and many residents on the day of the March shootings.

Just around the corner, shooting suspect Kurt Myers was in an abandoned building after shooting and killing four people in Mohawk and Herkimer. With the SWAT team and heavy law enforcement patrols similar to the recent scene in Boston, the images brought back memories all too familiar for many residents now back at the Empire Diner.

"All the SWAT teams, all the police cars ... we live right here in the village so we got a good dose of it at the time," said Entwistle.
"It's still foremost in our minds and what we saw in the news in Boston just brings it all back again."

Owner of the Empire Diner Scott Tranter was working the day of the Herkimer County shootings, working again while seeing everything unfold in Boston, he says it's hard not to be brought back to that day.

"Just seeing the insanity and the fear in peoples eyes brought back the fear in Herkimer, " said Tranter. "Because literally it took two and a half weeks three weeks just to recover here on Main Street."

Herkimer therapist Michael Stalteri says even if you've gotten over the Herkimer County tragedy, symptoms can return by watching what's happening in Boston. He says reaching out to your support system at times like this, is key.

"Get back to it reach out to it because this stuff can resonate for them very very quickly and hit them swiftly and in a way where it will catch them off guard," said Stalteri.

The therapist suggests people talk to friends, family or a therapist in times like that, he says it's also a good idea to take breaks from it all.

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