Brand new ambulance in Utica Fire Department's future


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Utica Common Council met for a special meeting on Thursday night at City Hall. The council had a stacked agenda including the approval of  $8.4 million dollars of short-term borrowing for numerous projects and vehicles, including a new ambulance for the Utica Fire Department.

The council chose short-term borrowing because long-term sparked debate among council members.

The money also went towards the Harbor Point and sewer projects.

Assistant Utica Fire Chief George Clark attended the event, lobbying for an amendment change. The department was in need of an additional ambulance.

UFD missed over 100 calls the past few months due to inefficient ambulances. The department that normally has three ambulances, sometimes needed other ambulance agencies to pick up the slack when their ambulances were being fixed. Two of UFD's current ambulances are eight years old, three years older then the industry standard of five years. One is a loaner.

Clark said that ambulance service is one that needs to be provided to the public, "  We'll have three total new ones one in reserve and make one more reserve out of the two oldest ones."

The agreement was passed 8-1, with Councilman Frank Vescera objecting.

Two new ambulances have already been purchased and should be delivered to UFD within the next few months. The newest ambulance should be delivered even sooner.

Another topic mentioned tonight was the settlement of the Palumbo/Longo case. The case settled a few weeks ago. The two million dollar settlement is part of the $8.4 million dollars to be borrowed by the city.


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