Breakfast kicks off Alcohol Awareness Month

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - A special breakfast on Tuesday morning was designed to coincide with Alcohol Awareness Month.

More than 200 people were at the Radisson for the 16th Annual April Awareness Breakfast. The event recognizes the contributions of the community to help support the Center for Family Life and Recovery.

It also begins a series of month-long events to help increase public awareness about mental health issues, substance abuse disorders and recovery services in the area.

"Even in this area, you take a look at two-third, and you look around you have three people," said Cassandra Sheets, chief executive officer of the Center for Family Life and Recovery. "Two of them have been affected by addiction...It takes a whole family to work on recovery, because if they're not really embracing that and understanding it, then they're not going to help that individual stay well."

This year's Amethyst Award went to Cheryl Spina, intensive day treatment director for the Insight House.

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