Breakfast showcases women's progress in business

By Anna Meiler

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) -- In celebration of International Women's Day, both men and women gathered at the Radisson in downtown Utica to learn about the progress women have made in the workforce and the challenges they still face.

The event, "Chamber Women in Business," featured keynote speaker Joan Snyder Kuhl, the founder of Why Millenials Matter. Kuhl has coached women all over the world. She focuses on inspiring students and new graduates, as well as parents and professionals. She says one of the biggest hurdles women face today is the power of negotiation.

She says women don't use this skill as much as men and it's a major roadblock to gaining more money and opportunities. The best way to start incorporating this skill into your work-place is to start practicing negotiating frequently, whether at the store or with a spouse.

Kuhl also discussed the importance of mentorship.

"Women can be each other's biggest advocates, biggest champions. We know more instinctively the types of emotional challenges that come with our career decisions, our life decisions, our work decisions and sometimes we're so hyper-focused on making it happen for ourselves, it's easy to leave others in the dust behind us. We're not recognizing what we can do by just stopping and having a conversation with a younger woman or a woman of equal age," said Kuhl.

The Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce hosted the event in partnership with the Community Foundation of Herkimer and Oneida Counties.

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