Bridgewater man charged in death of infant son has criminal past


BRIDGEWATER, N.Y. (WKTV) -- Ian Gulbin, who was arrested Wednesday for allegedly killing his 13-month-old son, has a criminal history, including four prior felonies that occurred out of state.

Local authorities didn't say what the felonies are, but NEWSChannel 2 did some digging and found a court record from Ventura County in California showing Gulbin was arrested for burglary in April of 2003 and was convicted for the crime three months later.

The archives of the Ventura County Star have an article regarding that incident. It says Gulbin, who was 20 at the time, was arrested in April in connection with a burglary at the Rite-Aid where he was fired from.

The article says quote: "Police estimate about $30,000 in controlled narcotics including the painkillers Vicodin Darvoset and Oxycontin were taken. The pills are popular among teenagers and police had issued a community warning about the drugs which were never recovered."

Records show he also has four offenses in New Jersey. NEWSChannel 2 is working to confirm if any of those were felonies. The offenses include theft, resisting arrest, and trespassing.

He served time in Bayside State Prison in New Jersey in 2006.

Gulbin was also arrested for petty larceny in Sherburne, New York where he lived before he moved to his current address in Bridgewater. That  incident happened around the same time baby Brayden Gulbin was born.

Gulbin is scheduled to appear in court Monday, Nov. 25 at 10 a.m. for a felony hearing in the Town of Floyd.

NEWSChannel 2's Melissa Sullivan contributed to this report.

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