Brindisi unveils three-point plan to combat drug houses

By NEWSChannel 2 Staff

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi has unveiled a three-point legislation plan he is proposing in an attempt to combat drug houses and the destruction of evidence.

Law enforcement officials say there is a clear uptick in the use of barricades at drug houses, something police have encountered after long hours of investigating a location or suspect. Brindisi says those barricades can delay officers by just enough time for drug dealers to destroy evidence or even escape, making prosecution next to impossible, and allowing the suspects to just set up shop elsewhere.

That's why the first point of the legislation targets barricades.

"This legislation makes criminal fortification of a drug house a Class-C felony," Assemblyman Brindisi said in front of the Utica Police Department on Thursday. "This is a dangerous crime that has no consequence right now. Dealers are fortifying their drug houses to increase their sense of security. Drug distribution at these locations is done through a pass-through, or a hole in the door. A standard wooden door with a deadbolt takes approximately ten seconds or less for an officer to breach. These additional barricades can double or triple the time it takes for an officer to breach a door."

The other two points of Brindisi's proposed legislation gives a district attorney the ability to intervene when a landlord may be turning a blind eye to crime and allow criminal barricades to be recorded and used as evidence.

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