Life getting back to normal after Sunday's flood on Brookline Drive


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Monday's beautiful sunshine and 70 degree temperatures made for a nice day to dry things out for residents along Brookline Drive in South Utica, and the streets that run off it.

They were thankful, not only for the weather on Monday, but because they say, things could have been much worse on Sunday.

All residents along Brookline Drive and the streets that run off it were evacuated when the Sauquoit Creek overflowed its banks Sunday afternoon. They were allowed back in Sunday evening.

Brookline Drive resident Laura Cross says her basement didn't get flooded, but all of her items she was selling in a garage sale that were under a tent were soaked. Other than that, her family was spared of any damage.

"The sewers were backed up, smelled pretty nasty, but most part it wasn't that bad," Cross said.

As compared with what their fellow flood victims in Whitesboro went through and now have to cleanup, people in this part of South Utica say they feel very fortunate.

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