Brookside Mobile Manor floods again, Sauquoit Creek threatens evacuations

By WKTV News

CHADWICKS, N.Y. - It's a waiting game in Chadwicks, where residents who live in the Brookside Mobile Manor may be forced to evacuate before the night is over.

The Manor is on Bleachery Place, where the flood waters are rising. If the Sauquoit Creek goes over the bridge near the homes, there will be a mandatory evacuation in place.

This is the second time in less than two weeks the area has been hit hard by heavy rains. Last Sunday, Tropical Storm Irene left residents cleaning up and digging out. Because of the heavy flooding, the damage from Wednesday night's rain isn't as bad as it could be. All of the damage has already been done. The skirting on many of the homes was ripped off last week, along with insulation, and it has not been replaced yet. The owner of the Manor says he has contacted the Town of New Hartford to let them know about the flooding issues that have been ongoing, but officials have not gotten back to him. "It's time, I think, for them to step forward and help out a little more than they have been," said Erik Cusworth, owner of Brookside Mobile Manor. "They said the state and Oneida County is tying their hands...allow me to untie them. I have 66 homes here and we're tired of being flooded. The development in the hills is causing this flooding. Everybody in Chadwicks knows that."

If residents are forced to evacuate- it will be the second time in 40 years. The first time was just last week.

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