Business owners say Varick Street parking issues a hindrance to development


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Parking has become somewhat of an issue on Varick Street in the City of Utica and some business owners are saying that the lack of parking is dissuading development.

Currently, the area is categorized as a "mixed use" development district, which means it can house both residential and commercial buildings. However, most of the businesses have second and third floor dwellings that could be rented out as apartments, but it's a hard sell because there's no parking, especially overnight.

"We have the commercial part, but we need the residential part, and in order to further develop the area, we need the parking, because we've got so many unused apartments," said Chris Talgo, owner of Nail Creek Pub & Brewery on Varick Street.

The city of Utica has said on-street parking would be an issue on Varick Street because of plowing in the winter.

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