Businessman offers reward for capture of air conditioner tubing thieves

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - After dozens of local businesses have been hit by thieves seeking the copper tubing inside the units, one business owner is taking the situation personally.

The president of Fred Collis and Sons, which installs air conditioners, wants to offer an incentive to help find and convict the thieves.

While the criminals are getting $100 to $200 worth of scrap per unit, the business owner is left with thousands in damage.

"It's really a serious problem, and I thought if we could offer an incentive -- if you walk around seeing anyone -- I would be happy to extend a $500 reward for anyone who helps find these people and convict them, because it affects everyone in this area," said Jim Collis, president of Fred Collis and Sons.

Police are telling homeowners to check their air conditioning units, and call police immediately if you see anyone lingering outside a business.

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