CNY Health Bucks available to SNAP consumers at Utica Farmers Market


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Members from the Food Bank of Central New York, Resource Center for Independent Living and Mayor Palmieri came out today to Chancellor Park in Utica to tell members of the public about the new health bucks coupons being distributed to consumers who use the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

The farmers market was awarded $1,900.00 in health bucks by the food bank to allow SNAP consumers to purchase additional fresh fruits and vegetables. Debra Richardson of RCIL said this is important to keep our community healthy, " They can get more fresh fruits and vegetables out to those willing to eat a healthier diet and at the same time I think what I like is you're getting two bangs for the buck by supporting our local producers..these coupons are only usable at farmer market... so not only are we seeing more fruits and veggies being consumed and purchased but we are supporting local economic development."

Brian Mcnanus, the Perishable Distribution Manager for the Food Bank of Central New York said they chose this market for its location and because they have the EBT voucher machine, "its an out reach program, nutrition initiative to help connect people in the community who need this to get fresh fruits and veggies. This farmers market is in a fantastic location...its in an area where people need these resources to get to it's a great partnership, recourse in the community and we are happy to provide health bucks here to give people access here to food they may not have otherwise received."

For every $5.00 spent SNAP card users will receive an additional $2.00 dollars in health bucks at the Utica Farmers Market.

For an entire week, SNAP card users can receive up to $8.00 in free additional produce weekly for every $20.00 they spend.

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