Canal Corp unveils new green tanker

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - The director of the state Canal Corp was in Utica Harbor on Tuesday to unveil a new green all-electric dredge tanker that will be put to work in the Erie Canal.

It's a 1928 tugboat that was running off a 1980s-era diesel engine. Through a $450,000 cost-sharing agreement with NY-Serda and the New York State Department of Transportation, New West Technology and Elco Motor Yachts made the boat clean, green and quiet.

"The stack on this boat is only for ornamental purposes as a reminder of what used to be in there," said Neil Satterly, Elco project manager. "But we have the same power as a diesel and we can do the same work all day long, only without the noise and the expense and the air pollution.

The all-electric system eliminates exhaust emissions and the potential for fuel spills. The boat will be working on the Utica section of the Erie Canal.

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