Candidate Anthony Brindisi on the issues


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - We are just one month away from the special election for the 116th assembly district seat. This week we are catching up with both of the candidates to get their take on the important issues facing the district.

Democrat Anthony Brindisi has been going door-to-door for the past several months, campaigning for votes. He says the one issue he keeps hearing from voters is to bring more jobs to Central New York.

"This race is going to be about who has the best plan and ability going forward," Brindisi said.

He says he has come up with a plan to bring more jobs to the area. One part is to control government spending and lower taxes to create private sector jobs. The second part is business taxes must be cut and unnecessary mandates imposed on businesses must end.

"We also need to implement more training programs in our high school and colleges so we are preparing our citizens for the job openings of the future," Brindisi said.

Brindisi is a lawyer with Brindisi, Murad, Brindisi, Pearlman, Julian and Pertz. He has also served on the Utica school board since 2009. He says he wants to use his experience on the board to help struggling school districts.

"I think the whole system of education funding in New York state needs to be changed. When the state cuts its funding, it really hurts upstate districts more than downstate districts."

During the interview with NEWSChannel 2, Brindisi also touched on other hot topics in the 116th district. He believes the Oneida Indian Nation should have to pay its fair share in taxes and wants to work with state leaders to bring a nanotech center to Marcy.

"I lived in the Albany area when they started their nanotechnology at SUNY. I've seen what it did for that area over the years. We need that to come here, it's time for Albany to share the wealth and send some of that our way."

Brindisi is running against Republican Greg Johnson in the September 13th special election. We will have Johnson's stance on the issues facing the 116th district on Wednesday.

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