Candidate Greg Johnson on the issues


ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - With the special election for the 116th assembly district seat fast approaching, we are profiling the two candidates vying for the spot. And one of the two is going after the position for the second time.

Republican Greg Johnson is trying to take the 116th district seat, after an unsuccessful attempt last year against incumbent RoAnn Destito. He says this time he has a concrete plan to bring jobs to the Mohawk Valley and it's outlined in a brochure he's handing out to voters.

"This, for the next three weeks, is what you're going to hear about is our job development plan utilizing the (Griffiss) airport," Johnson said.

Johnson wants to build a $6.3 million commercial terminal at the airport. He says not only will it create jobs, but it will attract commercial airline services to the area. Ideally, he says local residents and employees on the base won't have to go to Syracuse or Albany to catch a flight.

He says the ability to build a commercial terminal has been available since 1995 when the military turned the airport over to general aviation.

"This far down the path we absolutely have to get this airport operating the way a commercial airport needs to be done," he said.

Johnson has worked in the airline industry for 35 years. He retired as a pilot captain. He is also a town councilman in Marcy.

Johnson says he is eager to find a company willing to build a nanotechnology center in the town, but he says one thing is still missing.

"I don't believe we will ever get that chip plant unless we have a viable commercially operating airport."

Johnson is running against Democrat Anthony Brindisi in the special election in September.

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