Captain Richard Phillips tells his story at MVCC

By WKTV News

A drama that played out on the high seas back in 2009 is playing out on the silver screen, and we got a visit from the real hero at MVCC in Utica.

Captain Richard Phillips said, " They certainly aren't Disney characters, They're terrorists and people in a bully situation, they're trying to attack any sea man from all over the area that they can and they really don't care about the agenda or the lives of the sea men. They only care about getting ransom."

Tom Hanks plays the captain.

The real captain says some scenes of the movie hit too close to home.

"It is a movie and it is compressing five days down to two hours, so there are some changes and some of the timing and schedule is different, but i think they did a very could job of showing the stress of the whole situation," Phillips said.

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