Car burglaries in New Hartford a major problem


(WKTV) - Car burglaries are running rampant in New Hartford, with 40 already reported this month, according to New Hartford Police.

Officials say there have been three clusters of car burglaries in New Hartford. On Sept. 7 into Sept. 8, the area on Valley View Road and intersecting streets was struck, with 17 vehicles at 14 homes burglarized.

On Sept. 12 into Sept. 13, Higby Hills was struck, as 14 vehicles as 12 homes were broken into. Then, Gilbert Road and surrounding streets was targeted, with nine cars at five homes burglarized.

"For a lot of us who are parents, we live in our cars, you know," said Beth Soggs, whose car was burglarized. "I mean, I'm constantly driving my children around or doing something, so it felt like it was almost an extension of my home. It felt like our home was violated...that someone was in your stuff, it's just very upsetting."

Police say to deter thieves, keep your car in the garage and keep both locked. If there is no garage available, use outside lighting when possible. Keep all valuables out of the vehicle and always lock your car, no matter where it is or how long you're away form it.

New Hartford Police say if you catch someone in the act of burglarizing your car, don't confront them. Instead, police advise they be phoned immediately. 

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