Brown found guilty on all 12 counts


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - An Oneida County jury has found accused bank robber Brian Brown guilty on all 12 counts he faced at trial.

Earlier Monday, the jury in this case had asked to see the interrogation video once again. Specifically the part where the sheriff's investigator read Brian Brown his rights. Shortly after that one of the jurors in this case was excused because of a family emergency. An alternate juror has since taken the original's place. At that point, deliberations started over

The jury also asked to see Sheriff's Deputy Michael Burger's boot again, the one he was wearing the day he was shot. Also the jury asked to have Brian Brown's written confession, and Browns testimony from the Edic road shooting last July.

Brown is charged with robbery of the Bank of America in Utica and robbery of the NBT Bank in Rome.

It is alleged that Brown led police on a high speed chase from Rome to Edic Road after that robbery, and then he shot Deputy Burger.

During the playback of the interrogation, the deputy is heard telling Brown that he can not ask him any questions nor can he receive any answers until he reads him his rights. The Miranda Rights were heard being read. The investigator then asked Brown if he understood the rights and Brown said "yes."

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