Castello faces judge on manslaughter charge in death of daughter

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Rome man charged with assaulting his two week old daughter more than ten years ago is charged with manslaughter after she died nine years later. Friday, he faced a judge in Oneida County Court.

The attorneys of Joshua Castello, 33, of Rome have two weeks to go through more than more than ten years of medical records before returning to court for pre-trial motions.

Castello pleaded guilty to assault back in 2003 to causing serious injuries to his then two-week old daughter.

He did not serve any jail time for the felony assault arrest.

The child died at the age of nine in 2012.

In February of 2013, well over a year after the death, Rome Police and the Oneida County District Attorney's office charged Castello with manslaughter, saying the injuries sustained during the assault ultimately caused her death.

Assistant District Attorney Dawn Cateri-Lupi said in court Friday there are talks of a possible plea offer.

" We've definitely talked about that," Lupi said. "We have not had an opportunity to do discovery, so we have a lot of medical records and other kinds of records that we need to go over with the defense attorney and turn over to the defense attorney, which we're going to be in the process of doing."

Speaking about the short timeline to get through all of the medical records, Leland McCormac, the defense attorney for Castello, said, " Judge Donalty is wonderful about extending us. He knows it is a very serious case, has a lot of impact on all parties involved, and I'm sure if we need more time, he'd be able to extend us that."

The prosecution and defense did not comment on the child's quality of life between the assault and her death at nine years old, other than to say she was severely disabled.

Castello is due back in court on March 28th.

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