Cat shot with arrow gets a new home


WATERVILLE, N.Y. (WKTV) - A cat found with a 27-inch arrow shot through his stomach was given a second chance at life and on Thursday, he was given a new home.

"They just, one of them steps into your life every once in a while," said Elaine Forte, a veterinary technician at Waterville Veterinary Clinic, who's adopting Norman.

It's a happy day compared to just two weeks ago, when a client of the veterinary clinic found him in her apartment hallway.

"Someone shot it. Somehow it got through my door and into my hallway and it laid there on the little piece of carpet between the two doors," said Melvina Mann. "It was horrible to wake up to and it's a horrible thought that someone could be that cruel. I don't understand how anyone can be that evil."

In tears, she immediately rushed him to the veterinarian.

"I was horrified when I saw him but after the initial horror of the scene we rushed him back there and addressed it one problem at a time," said James Gilchrist, managing veterinarian.

It took them two hours to repair four holes, and lacerations through his liver and spleen.

"We realized there was a lot of hemorrhage, a lot of damage that occurred, but in the midst of the damage, he was still purring so we all fell inlove with him right away," said Gilchrist.

Norman has captured the hearts of everyone there, but the woman adopting him said sometimes the cat chooses you.

"Him and I get along the best, you know, and so it's hard to put in words the two of us just really like each other a lot," said Forte.

The clinic took care of the costs and said it was worth it.

"We're lucky to be able to help him out and give him another chance," said Gilchrist. "It's amazing, it inspires me, it's what makes me want to work harder at my profession and I love what I do."

Norman should be back to full health in a few weeks and police are looking for the person who shot him.

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