Celebrating 60 years of Valentines


UTICA, N.Y.(WKTV) - One Utica couple celebrated 60 years of marriage this Valentine's Day. Jim and Rita Quinn both grew up in Utica and still live in the same Utica house they raised four children in.

The two wed at the Historic St.John's Church in 1953. Rita says they worked on the same floor and she chased him all around downtown till she caught him.

"I go in one door she go out behind me and i got out other side of other street i turn around she be behind me," Jim said as he laughed.

60 years later they say they have a wonderful marriage. What keeps them going strong? they say they still go out together all the time and never go to bed mad.

"Everything's made up before we go to bed, we argue, everyone argues. I'm not saying we never argue we do, that's part of marriage," said Jim. "I treat her as a lady and open the doors of the car and I treat her as best I can... and she's a very good cook and you can see I eat well."

Four kids later, seven grand kids and one great grand child later I ask how does 60 years feel?

"I don't want to say the wrong word but let's say a heck of a long time," said Rita.

Another anniversary, another Valentine's Day, the two still picking out a special card every year.

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