Central New Yorkers glued to Boston manhunt coverage


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Friday morning, the sound of the TV behind the counter echoes through the popular breakfast spot called 'Top of the Morning' in North Utica.

NBC's coverage of the manhunt for those responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings was going wire to wire, and many of those eating breakfast were listen to each developing detail.

Some, like Dave Pettengil of Utica say they have been watching since the word of the bombings on Monday afternoon, "As soon as it happened, I've been keeping an eye on it. Everyday I am checking into it."

His breakfast partner and father, Chuck Eaker says there's one thing that goes through his mind watching the details of those believed to be responsible unfold, "Awfully sick, some of them boy, really sick people."

Kayla Gerstner is a waitress at Top of the Morning, "It's tragic to see something like this. You turn on the news, and it's not to see *if* something happened today, it's *what* happened today, and it's awful."

The TV screens at Big Apple Music in New Hartford are also tuned to NBC's coverage.

Owner Peter Bolos says he is not the only one catching the details as they are released, "Customers come in, they're waiting for stereos to get installed or whatever, they're watching the coverage."

Bolos says he definitely is keep abreast of the latest developments, "Watching it, as much time as I have just keeping in tune with it."

So, as so many of you are all watching the coverage at home, you know so are so many others.

Gerstner says she hopes and prays, no other innocent people are killed as the manhunt continues.

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