Change of venue requested in case of fatal Deputy shooting


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The attorney for the man accused of shooting and killing an Oneida County Sheriff's Deputy made some requests of the court on Tuesday.

Christian Patterson is accused of shooting Deputy Kurt Wyman following a six-hour standoff in the Town of Augusta back in June.

On Tuesday in Oneida County Court, Public Defender Frank Nebush asked for a change of venue motion, expressing concerns over whether or not he could seat a fair and impartial jury in Oneida County, in light of all the pre-trial publicity.

"I really believe that trying to chose a jury is going to be a little difficult because it's a high profile case and many people have heard about it and they may have already formed opinions," says Frank Nebush, Jr.

Nebush also asked the judge to warn jurors not to use the social media, including Twitter and Facebook, during the trial and while deliberating their verdict. Nebush says it's been a problem in cases across the country.

Patterson was not in court for the filing of Tuesday's motions; he is expected to be in court September 27 when attorneys argue the motions.

The trial is set to begin with jury selection December 5.

If an Oneida County Court Judge denies the change of venue motion, Nebush can make the request to a higher court during jury selection if choosing a fair and impartial jury proves to be a problem during that process.

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